A Guide to the AV Equipment for Your Medium Sized Event

Continuing from our blog about small sized events, sometimes the need is a little larger. Medium sized event is a vague term, we know. It could mean a presentation in a ballroom to a decently large amount of people (for our sakes today, between 50 and 200), a stage setup for a music show with multiple performances, an impressive trade show booth, a moderate wedding, and just about anything in between. These types of events would require a bit more knowledge about the needs of the client, such as the size of the room/space to know what kind of and how many speakers we would need to bring and the microphone types. There are other needs to be considered for these types of events. Here is a list of different types of equipment needed for these types of events.

Microphones and stands - As mentioned above, the types and amount of microphones will depend on the space and need. For example, wireless dynamic microphones will be used for speakers who are traveling or passing the microphone to other speakers at the event. Condenser microphones would be good for picking up sound in a large room especially if the person speaking or singing will be moving away from the stationary mic. Other wired or wireless microphones might be necessary, depending on your needs.

Speakers and stands - The size of the room or outdoor area, the amount of people, and types of audio running through will tell us all we need to know about how many and what kinds of speakers we will need. This includes whether we will bring subwoofers, line arrays, and other more specific needs for your event.

Lighting - different types of lights (uplights, spotlights, moving lights, etc.) might be needed to make your event more professional looking, and truly impress your audience. Different types of lighting provides different functions for your event. With the lights, we can control your color palette if you have a preference that follows your branding, or control different scenes to make your function really pop out!

Trussing - trusses are structural supports to be able to hang lights and/or speakers above the stage, or elsewhere in the room to present the event professionally to your audience. These are heady duty pieces that up the professional production quality of your event. Knowing the size and layout of the room, how many people will roughly be attending, and other questions we may ask will give us an insight about how much trussing to bring and what we will use them for.

Cameras - at least 1 camera (and SD card) is needed to record your event and/or present life feed onto bigger screens such as the TVs or projectors. We would recommend 2 cameras or more so that multiple angles can be taken and allow for different views when editing takes place, as well as multiple angles for the life feed production.

Visual Display - a TV or two, or a projector or two will allow all of your audience, even those in the back, to see what is happening on stage. The cameras can produce a live feed of what is happening and control how the audience sees the event. This keeps everyone in the audience happy, and gives you the flexibility to project a PowerPoint or other video footage to showcase your brand for your potential clients/partners/investors and so much more!

Mixer and Computer systems - To control the audio signals, cabling requirements, and mixing capabilities, a mixer will control where all the audio is coming from and going. This could include different audio specific equipment, such as snakes which take many microphone inputs at once and send them to the mixer with typically one cable. The computer can also add background music in case there are times where general music is needed to play while people walk in. The computer will also be the main hub where video is controlled for the live feed of what is caught by the camera, any live streaming that is needed to be done, and any light scenes that may need to be created and controlled.

Optional upgrades:

Stage - If a stage is not provided by the venue, a stage might be necessary to rent or build. We can help you work through this if there is a concern with a stage!

Carpeting & Stanchion - this would be for a more formal and borderline large event, such as award shows, fashion shows, game shows or other such events. This makes the event look very professional and will really impress your client!

Written by: Collin Dewyre

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