Collaboration in a Socially Distant World

The world is still continuing to change from the pandemic that started in March of 2020. The AV industry is just one of many sectors of business that have been dramatically affected by COVID-19. This industry that relies so heavily on working relationships and collaboration with people face to face will forever be different. People are growing farther apart from one another, while at the same time, technology needs are changing rapidly. As the pandemic is approaching its 18th month of wreaking havoc to the world we knew before 2020, the normalization of social distancing tells us some insight about the future of AV.

New technologies hint to us about what the collaboration in AV will look like in 1, 3, 5, even 10 years from now. Obviously live streaming, and hybrid work spaces have become the new norm in the past year. Beyond this, the demand for newer technologies is driving manufacturers to become more innovative. Virtual reality and collaborative meeting spaces provide hybrid work solutions to mimic the face to face world, while also pointing towards the permanent changes that will continue. Companies like Hubbub offer these types of new norms that we have co

me to know so well out of necessity. Even once the threat of COVID-19 is over, we can expect these new norms to still be around. The rise of social media in the past 20 years laid the foundation for the reliance on smart devices and the types of technologies that would take over during the COVID-19 era. The pandemic came at a time when reliance on technology was already at an all-time high. The 5 years before the pandemic also saw a halt in brand new technologies that affected our social lives - but COVID-19 has created new demand.

So how does social media and a renewed reliance on technology impact the AV industry? Companies and clients that previously might not have seen a need for hiring an external AV company, like schools, corporations, and churches have turned to AV companies that have adapted during COVID-19. Live stream events and classrooms, Zoom stockholder meetings, worship services, and even concerts are the new normal. Even the post-pandemic world will include live streaming and other changes that we’ve seen come from the pandemic. Its cost effectiveness and ease of use will allow smaller companies and independent artists to reach their fans and be able to crowdfund by reaching their audience in the modern world. Larger companies will also benefit by being able to connect with potential partners with the touch of a screen. This means that in a world already dominated by screen communication across business partners, consumers can also expect much of their communication with companies and people they hire to be through the screen as well. The event world has already and will continue to reflect this, and AV companies that adapt will be able to connect with the business and artistic world that has been forever impacted. This change dramatically caused by the pandemic will not end anytime soon.

Written by: Collin Dewyre

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