Expos and Festivals and Trade Shows… Oh my!

We are welcoming in 2022 with open arms and endless excitement! There is a full year of all different types of events ahead of us and we are READY. Are you?

No matter the size, the style, the crowd, or the product… we can provide you with everything you could possibly need for your event. Whether you want a simple booth to promote your company, or an entire concert set up to blow away a festival, or just about anything in-between, we can make it happen.

Sound Precision Entertainment's Wedding Expo Booth!

Cloud 9 Theme!

We offer multiple variations of sound, microphones, displays, and don’t even get me started with what we can do with lighting!

Maybe you’re not sure how you want to design your set up. No idea – No problem! We have experts that will happily help you perfect your display down to every detail.

No more worrying about using 5-10 different companies to complete your event, no worries about being just like every other boring booth that people walk by, because we have AND do it all! We can make people stop and stare!

Radioactive Electronics Home and Garden Expo!

Featuring good ol Tay.

While you’re welcome to merely rent our equipment, we offer to do the entire set up and take down for you as well. We want our customers to have less stress and more FUN.

Let us show you what we got for your next event, and make sure that your display won’t just be seen, but it will be REMEMBERED.

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