Gearing Up for Christmas 2021!

Christmas 2021 will be the first Christmas in two years that will be more “normal.” Now is the time to prepare for everything you might need. With the supply chain disruption and with USPS delays, it’s especially important to be ahead of the curve this year, gifts and all. Consult with QAV about your needs this year, and then let us do the install and tear down of your holiday lights and decor. We can enhance your home, business, or municipality this holiday season! Be the envy of all your neighbors!

We offer different types of lights and decor to fit your budget and needs. We also offer it for residential homes as well as commercial businesses and shopping centers! With all sorts of holiday string lights with different colors, we have what would be needed to make your family party, company party, and town centers pop! If you have any other decor needs, just ask us about what all we offer or tell us what you would like - we will make it happen. Book us now and make your 2021 Christmas party the best you’ve ever thrown!

Written by: Collin Dewyre

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