Get to Know Q! - Alyssa Watson

Welcome back to our fun little segment called “Get-To-Know-Q”!

This week we have a fun, energetic, lively 26 year old… one of your favorite managers, please welcome,

Alyssa Watson!

We’re going to go about and ask you the same questions as the other contestant, so let us begin!

What is your favorite song?

Alyssa: Home Sweet by Russel Dickerson

Now, I’m not one for country music, but, ahhh, that one hits you right in the feels don’t it?

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Alyssa: Being with my two year old Grayson, watching him grow up and just getting to do so many fun things with him. Dancing, since I am a dance teacher for two studios at the time. I teach jazz, ballet, contemporary, pointe, hip hop, and acro for all ages. DJing is fun for me too. I DJ weddings on weekends during the season. Also animals! I have a zoology degree and I am always taking my son to the zoo. I basically have a zoo at home. I have seven cats named Oliver, Oscar, Stormy, Apollo, Artemis, Peanut, and Kevin.

Kevin really got the short end of the stick with the cool names, huh?

Alyssa: I also have three guinea pigs named Pip, Kenny, and Butters, and one hedgehog, that my son named Porcupine.

Not Sonic?!

Alyssa: There’s still more! We also have three snakes, Jagger, Red, and Brown. We have a turtle named Dexter, two geckos, and we also breed rats AND have what is basically an aquarium in our basement.

So what’s the charge for admission?

Alyssa: Aside from the tons of animals, I do also LOVE home décor. Everything from decoration to organization!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this woman IS real. I know, I can’t believe it myself.

So, how long have you been with this company?

Alyssa: I started September 4, 2019 so… two years and almost three months!

I hardly even remember the year I started working some places, that’s crazy.

What is your job at Q?

Alyssa: Basically everything… But my official title is Operations Manager. I also run the marketing, such as social media, graphic designs, newsletters, etc. On top of that I’m also in charge of sales, event planning, event design, audio visual technician, and I do payroll and HR.

Again, I swear she IS real.

Where did you work before?

Alyssa: So many places. The main two were Jack Thistledown Racino where I did event marketing, and Make Believe Family Fun Center where I was an event manager.

How did you become part of the Q family?

Alyssa: So I went to a BNI meeting in Shaker. I sat next to Nate at the meeting because he was the only person I recognized from a Bar Mitzvah job he helped me get before. He stated in his “presentation” that he was looking for people. When I did my “presentation” for the company I was working for at the time, Nate looked at me and asked if I wanted a job. I had a meeting that week and brought my itty bitty in and he hired me! It was amazing because being a working mom is tough and he allowed me to bring my son into work with me.

Well Nate the janitor sure did an amazing job choosing you and your itty bitty one!

What is your favorite part about working here?

Alyssa: Literally everything. I love the industry, I have the greatest boss ever, and I get to use all my experience and creativity in an amazing way.

Before I start tearing up, let us get to the last question.

What is your funniest/favorite work story?

Alyssa: Halloween. Haunted. House.

Oh geez. I think we’re a bit too scared to ask for details. We will let our imaginations run wild instead.

Thank you for playing, and for melting our hearts!

Stay tuned for next weeks “Get-To-Know-Q” contestant!

Written By: Samantha Hyman

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