Get to Know Q! - Collin Dewyre

We’re back again with yet another round of “Get-To-Know-Q”! This week we have 23 year old Collin Dewyre joining us.

So Collin, let’s dive right in! What’s your favorite song?

Collin: Ordinary Joe by Nujabes

Very interesting choice of a song, and definitely not… ordinary.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Collin: Music, cooking, and watching movies.

Based off your favorite song, I am quite curious about your movie choices…

How long have you been with this company?

Collin: Three months.

Oh, another newbie. Welcome aboard!

What is your job at Q?

Collin: Teching, warehouse, and basically anything I’m asked to do.

You sound pretty darn handy!

Where did you work before?

Collin: Assistant at a production company.

How did you become part of the Q family?

Collin: I found the job on Glassdoor I think.

Well we sure are glad you did.

What is your favorite part about working here?

Collin: The entire environment of the Q family.

Love it!

What is your favorite/funniest work story?

Collin: Working all day for political talking heads starting at 6am with no light, muddy grass, and on an incline, and the people also didn’t know how a microphone works. Also turning around and driving to middle of nowhere, in Amish country, where we stayed the next two days. At least the hotels were nice!

A 23 year old that went two days without electronics… I think you got us all shocked on that one. Impressive!

We love your answers and thank you for playing along!

Stay tuned as we continue “Get-To-Know-Q” with another new contestant!

Written by: Samantha Hyman

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