Get to Know Q! - Ethan Young

Welcome back to “Get-To-Know-Q”! This week we’re going to dive right in and welcome our new contestant, 24 year old Ethan Young.

So Ethan, what is your favorite song?

Ethan: I don’t have one.

I understand that, it’s way too hard to choose!

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Ethan: Video games, firearms, and cars.

Those all sound fun to me!

How long have you been with Q?

Ethan: I’m not sure, about 6 years or so.

Holy cow you have been with us a while.

What is your job at Q?

Ethan: I’m not sure. Haha.

Well after 6 years I wouldn’t know either.

Where did you work before?

Ethan: Everywhere and anywhere.

I knew you looked familiar!

How did you become part of the Q family?

Ethan: My friend was interviewing with Nate and she was nervous so I tagged along.

Wow talk about convenience.

What is your favorite part about working here?

Ethan: Understanding, and range days with the pellet gun.

A man who loves firearms, I’m sure you have a blast with anything with the word ‘gun’ in it.

What is one of your funniest/favorite moments at work?

Ethan: I actually have a few. Doing Christmas lights with Nate when I first started, getting IcyHot on a personal and inconvenient place on my body when we were in Florida, and also basically every moment in Texas.

First, I must say, ow. Secondly, we’re sure you have tons more stories, but thank you for sharing!

Thank you for getting to know our family a little bit more and stay tuned next week for one more contestant on “Get-To-Know-Q”!

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