Q Across the Nation - Cleveland, Ohio

In the last blog, we went back to January of last year. We’re going to go ahead and spring from January to April 2021.

Yes, I purposely said “spring”. Because it’s springtime. Get it?

So, last year, Nate, Alyssa, Ethan, and Tayevion found themselves at First Energy Stadium from April 27th to May 2nd. They themselves are Ohioans, so it was nice to be able to work a big event like this in their own area! They were doing an event for the 2021 NFL draft, so it was kind of a big deal.

First Energy Stadium is located in Cleveland, and is the home to the Cleveland Browns. (who just so happened to have a pretty decent season in 2021!)

The stadium itself is gorgeous, and it happens to sit right aside the Great Lake Erie so the views are outstanding. On top of that, it’s also right down the street from big name attractions like the Great Lakes Science Center and THE Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Despite the beautiful view and historical aura of the city, this event was a nightmare for the workers.

The event was held outside the stadium, in a grassy field that was above a parking garage. Yes, you read that right. A field… atop a parking garage.

This event required a TON of equipment too. We’re talking entire stage set-up, trusses, all sound equipment, and all kinds of different lighting.

So they ended up having union workers come out and help them throughout the event, AND they got a forklift to help them carry the equipment up!

Alyssa states that this event sucked, but only when it came to the waiting. Once everything was up and going, it was smooth sailing and tons of fun.

It was just the long length of time they had to deal with as the forklift slowly brought the equipment up and back that killed them!

Everyone hates waiting, so we can all relate with that.

In the end, they got to have a lot of fun and they even got to watch as MGK did his sound check!

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