Q Across the Nation - Ohio to Florida

We’re going to move onto the next month on our list of last year, if I MAY…

Ha. Since it’s May.

There will be many puns throughout this travel series, so bear with me.

Anyways, it’s 2021, and from May 15th-16th Nate, Alyssa, Ethan, Jordan, Tayevion, and Deshawn found themselves at Beechmont Country Club!

This was no average event for this crew. Despite that all of them, especially Nate, have plenty of experiences in throwing lavish or extraordinary parties, this one was one of a kind.

The lighting was definitely the main focus for our crew, especially the up-lighting.

Knowing the tricks to properly and beautifully place up-lights is a skill that we are happy and proud that our guys are great at.

But this event required TONS of lighting. We’re talking ambient lighting throughout the venue consisting of red and warm white colors, ambient lighting for the valet canopy, a spotlight for the front entrance, a lighting tower for the featured vehicles, outdoor ambient lighting and selectively placed lighting towers throughout the rooms, PLUS two massive search lights that could be seen in the sky!

What was the reason for all this extravagant lighting, you ask?

Bond. James Bond.

Kidding. It was the Beechmont Gala, but it WAS themed for/as James Bond.

And what an event it was! The cars, the gowns, the spectacular lighting done by our crew... It was simply perfect.

Makes you wish you can go back in time and be there yourself and order a martini. Shaken. Not stirred. Of course.

This wasn’t our only big event in May though. With only one week in-between, our crew had to travel from Cleveland's own Beachwood, all the way down to sunny Florida for an event that lasted from May 22nd to the 26th.

It was for a much simpler event. (in comparison to the crazy bond-themed gala)

It was an HFTP Conference held in the beautiful Bahia Mar, FL. This was no ordinary hotel either. Over 28,000 square feet of event space and located between the intercoastal waterway and a beach front park, this hotel allowed guests to enjoy some of the best views of the south Florida ocean.

Nate definitely got to shine at this event too. It was a two day conference providing information for country club cyber security and technology systems.

No, Nate did not HOST the conference, (although he probably could have) but he did give them the best set up they could ask for, providing them with screens, sound equipment, and even PowerPoint management.

I bet Nate also enjoyed the South Florida heat and wind after just being in Ohio weather!

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