Q Across the Nation - Solon

We’re jumping into June of 2021, where from the 9th to the 13th, our crew were back in Ohio.

Nate, Alyssa, and Tayevion were working the main event, but Jordan and Ethan were there as well to help with all the heavy lifting.

They were in Signature of Solon, a massive and luxurious contemporary-style clubhouse in Solon, OH.

They were there for the Center Stage Dance Studio Recital, and it was an extremely eventful weekend for many of reasons.

The first reason, and the one pertaining to this specific event, is that our very own Alyssa was ECSTATIC about it. She herself is not only an amazing dancer, but she’s also a dance teacher, and she was in the process of opening her own studio! (Cue the Music Dance Academy, coming June of 2022!)

Despite all the work that needed to be done for the event, such as lighting, staging, drapery, speakers, projector and stretch screens, then more speakers, and even more lights… Alyssa was excited and happy as a clam throughout it all.

Now let me get to the second reason for this particular weekend being “eventful”. This one is exciting, but definitely not as happy.

So the first morning of the event, Nate and Tayevion went to 7-11 for a quick early lunch before the chaos. Nate was eating some chicken wings, and one of them happened to go down a little rough.

He thought nothing of it and got to work. As the day went on though, his throat started feeling worse. Then the fatigue set in, and he actually ended up falling asleep under the tech table!

Three trips to the ER later, he ended up fully passing out from his throat swelling up and completely shutting. The doctors kept saying it was strep throat but thankfully Tayevion stepped in and told them about the chicken wing! They immediately got a camera, and sure enough, the chicken wing somehow lacerated the inside of his throat! If they hadn’t treated it right away, he could have been dead in hours.

NOT a fun memory, but definitely a crazy experience to have in the middle of an event! And I speak for everyone when I say thank God Tayevion told the doctors about the chicken wing and we ALL couldn’t be happier to know that Nate survived and is okay now!

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