Televisions vs Projectors vs Video Walls for Your Event

Does your event need visual projection, whether from a live camera feed or for a slideshow presentation? If so, you might be wondering what type of visual display to bring to your event. There are three types of displays for AV’s purposes - televisions, projectors, and video walls. The differences are pretty large, especially in price point, but they all suit their own purposes.

Projectors have many pros. They are easy to use, flexible, and are multi-purposed. They are also generally the cheapest of the options. Projectors can show any image configuration and can be used for a variety of spaces and audience size. They are also easy to move, and it’s easy to keep the projector path clear of obstructions - such as foot traffic and shadows. Of course, projectors have cons as well. They often have the power to receive high quality data, however not all projectors can actually project that data. Then there’s the issue of lighting - if there’s random ambient lighting in the room, it may cause any dark footage to be skewed and difficult to see. Controlling the lighting where a screen and projector is being used is important to be able to get the most from your projector.

Televisions and monitors are very popular and have loads of pros. They are more professional looking than screens and projectors, but still won’t break the bank. This option is perfect if you have a small to medium sized audience, but also flexible if you decide you want multiple monitors. This option works great if your audience will be walking throughout different areas and you want to have several visual displays. Having this setup allows for you to chain together the TVs and monitor the same footage, or control each one individually if you so choose. The biggest con is that the price point can oftentimes grow quite a bit the larger the television gets.

Video walls are easily the most impressive looking - but also the most expensive. They are great for higher budgets and larger audiences. Composed of several panels (such as 3x3 or 4x4 screens), they are the most modern and in style right now for corporate display. Although 3x3 sounds small, these sized video walls are roughly the size of a 138” monitor, and a 4x4 would be roughly 184” monitor. This option also brings the flexibility of being able to project a single large image over all the panels on the wall, but can also project each screen as a separate unit. This flexibility can only be done with this option. The biggest and only true con is that they are expensive, and therefore not practical to have several if you want to have several display areas.

Making the decision will hopefully be a little easier now with this information. Contact QAV if you have any questions!

Written by: Collin Dewyre

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