The Lab

Looking for a way to bring your message into the new normal?

Experience an interactive virtual platform that allows you to actually connect and engage with your audience while keeping that "event feel" that we all miss. Take your boring zoom meetings to new heights while providing real time analytics and customization to your virtual event. Combining the look and functionality of a film studio and NASA, we can execute a much more professional product. 

This would be perfect for 

- non profits

- talk shows

- panel discussions

- product announcements

- meetings and webinars 

and so much more!






The following are included in every event package:

· A dedicated Virtual Event Manager for support in planning and implementing your virtual event vision and goals.

· Thorough needs assessment and creation of your event on the web conferencing platform that best suits your needs

· Day of event management by your dedicated Event Manager, including a 30 minute pre-event check-in, sound check and review of event highlights

· Direct technical support for attendees and presenters before and during the live event

· Comprehensive final event reporting that provides you with attendee demographics

· Live webcast production or video production with clear sound and razor sharp image

· Full event recording

· Various set designs

· Teleprompters

· Private en-suite bathroom

· Hand sanitizing stations and complimentary masks

For more information, or to book your slot:

Call 216-930-4567