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Our Services

Here at QAV we offer all of the tools you may need to execute a successful event. There are many different types of event and no two are exactly the same.  We can help you navigate the different aspects of your event.

We can make your band look and sound like "the pros" Small block party or large festival...we've got you covered.

Staging and Sound Reinforcement

Let us help you transform your existing work space into a new, state of the art hybrid ready conference space.


When planning the grand opening of a new venue or real estate acquisition, we can help you design the atmosphere and effect of your new space.


QAV has top notch equipment and staffing to carry your meeting or conference from planning to packing up. Our clients trust us as resource. no matter where in the country they take place.

Meetings & Conferences

Your brand is your identity. The design team at QAV can help your brand activation connect with your audience while maintaining the culture that your customers love.

Brand Activations

We get it. Trade shows can suck! But they don't have to. Relying on QAV to design, execute and deploy your trade show booth design, you're creating an experience for those in attendance.

Trade Shows

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